Thursday, April 21, 2016

Finding Audrey Review

I have walked passed this book millions of times since it came out in Barnes and Noble and it never quite struck my fancy until I saw the recommendation.

I took a chance and decided to read it above all my other books stacked under my bed right now. And my, oh, my am I glad to have.

I have actually never read a Sophie Kinsella book until now and I can never go back.  My next books in my TBR pile will be her Shopoholic series.

Anyways, back to Finding Audrey.  The book is about a girl with a social anxiety order due to something that happened a few months prior.  She can't look at anyone,her family included, leave the house (except to her therapist's office) or even talk to people other than her family.

I have to say, someone coming from experience of having an social anxiety disorder, the book was pretty spot on.  It puts you into the mind of someone with this illness and shows you how their world works. It gives you their perspective on the panic attacks, meltdowns, and why we are who we are.

Finding Audrey shows you the beauty of life and the roller coaster that we are supposed to be on.  Nobody just goes straight up and perfect, we go up and down and even sideways and backwards.  We weren't built to be perfect.

One thing I didn't particularly enjoy was the narration of her brother Frank and moms banter about his computer usage.  I see where it was necessary and quite funny, but also a little random to put into the story.

It also seems quite fast that Audrey turns around and gets better, but that's a book I guess, you can't cram months and months of recovery into a three hundred paged story or one would probably fall asleep.  Though I wish it focused a bit more on the recovery process and less about her getting a boyfriend and all of the sudden getting better.  Because even though Linus had a part in helping her to recovery, it wasn't all thanks to him.

We also never learn what happened to Audrey that causes the anxiety to emerge from its dormant state.  We get hints and it alludes to some sort of mean-girl bullying, but I'm a nosy person and I would love to have details.  But this is also the positive mention too because I totally forgot about my yearning to know what happened because of how great the story was.  I was at the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen and how event A would  make Event B better.  It wasn't until I had made dinner that I realized the reader never found out.  And I am slightly okay with that because the book as a whole was a beautiful masterpiece.


“They talk about “body language,” as if we all speak it the same. But everyone has their own dialect. For me right now, for example, swiveling my body right away and staring rigidly at the corner means, “I like you.” Because I didn’t run away and shut myself in the bathroom. I just hope he realizes that.” 
― Sophie KinsellaFinding Audrey

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Beauty Pick of the Week

I have always struggled with acne, ever since I went through puberty in fifth grade (put a whole damper on getting to wear makeup).  I have tried every single skin care option available, from Proactive on the TV to home remedies.  

My skin is VERY, emphasis on very, sensitive.  When I was younger I couldn't put on scented lotion because I would break out in hives (I have since grown out of that).  

Skin Care Products I've Tried:

Proactive: This product depends on the person.  With me, a girl with the most sensitive skin, it made it worse.  My acne pops up in red patches all about my face, so mix that with the Benzoyl Peroxide that is inside Proactive, and you get a tomato faced, awkward girl in middle school.  I can't completely write it off though because, my brother uses it and it clears his acne up.  

Clean & Clear: I would always use the face wash and it always made my face burn a little in the shower.  Now, it didn't ruin, or make my face worse, it just didn't make it any better. 

Neutrogena: Much like the Clean & Clear, I didn't get much results. At least this caused my face to feel relaxed and fresh, unlike the burning sensation of C&C.  I always tried to be like the commercials and splash my face just right in the morning, and get water all over the bathroom.  

Clinique: Much love to their makeup, but a skip on their skin products. Like Proactive, it's very damaging to sensitive skin users like myself.  Basically anything with Benzoyl Peroxide you should skip if you have skin like mine.

Home Remedy: I got desperate and for about a year I would have this routine: 
  • Shower: Put baking soda in palm, wet it, and lather on your face gently
  • Before bed: With a cotton ball, wipe witch hazel over face, then take coconut oil and put over face.  
Results? It cleared up a little, but it was a huge pain to do every, single, night.  I also think that I had given up on finding a solution, that I tricked myself into thinking it was working; because when I look back on the photos? I wonder how I even lasted through middle school without being called rude names (probably because I moved around and they didn't have time to make fun of me!). 

But about two years ago, while shopping at Target, one of the sales workers introduced me to this one brand and changed my life forever. 

The name?

Boots Expert:

Probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Literally a week later and I was showing results.  The anti-blemish cleansing foam is my best friend, I use it everyday.  It gently cleanses and keeps your face soft while getting rid of blemishes or any zits about to appear.  

Anti-blemish concealer duo is another one of my life savers.  It can cover up even the biggest and most red blemish.  It's a duo of an anti-blemish serum that you rub over the spot and then cover it with the concealer.  I buy them about three at a time. 

Now, when I get my period, I break out badly (not as badly as I used to thanks to this brand but still). So the Anti-Blemish 2 in 1 scrub and mask is my baby. I put that on right away and hop in the shower and all I have to deal with then is the blood and moody behaviors. 

Another plus to this brand, besides the fact that you'll have clear skin? It lasts a long time, and it's inexpensive.  They don't rip you off with half a bottle for fifteen dollars that doesn't even work.  They give you a good amount for an affordable price and it actually produces results.  

Thanks to Boots Expert, I was able to rock my senior photos, without the hassle on piling up the makeup onto my face: 
(Unedited picture, left) 

I hope this helped some of you in your path to a clear and beautiful face.  It may take a while, but everyone gets there eventually.  I would like to add that exercise and healthy eating does help a lot, though highly boring and not fun to do.